Famous Budapest baths, Shoes on the Danube, live music and more WINE


Budapest has often been called the City of Baths. There are so many warm spring waters underneath the city that Budapest has had great thermal baths for centuries and the bathing culture is still very lively. There are water sports …

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Day 5 in Budapest – HUNGARIAN WINE – and some other stuff…


We had big plans for Day 5 – our first full day in Budapest. First thing – could we make this a walkable city? We decided to do our best. From the top of the hill in the Buda Castle …

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Day 4 – Welcome(?) to Budapest


A seriously cool thing happened while we were in Prague. On day 3, I got a FB message from a friend I’d met during my Amazon jungle trip. Come to find out she’s now living in Prague! Although we already …

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Day 3 – Zizkov, Vinorhady and (finally!) great service at a restaurant


Day 2 in Prague was to be spent on our own – walking some of the surrounding areas and returning to some places we wanted to see before we left. I love to explore a city just walking it. We …

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Day 2 in Prague – Adventure Traveling Girl – and Boy


It was our first full day in Prague. As on most of my international trips, I like to take advantage of the free tours offered in most of these tourist cities. Prague was no exception. We woke early, had an …

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Prague – Lesser Town and the Charles Bridge


The theme of this trip was “Be here now”. I really wanted to try to stay in the present moment because, not only has it been way too long since I’ve traveled, but this would be my first time traveling …

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“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world”


Today I’m headed back home – happily. It’s time. My stomach is still telling me its time to leave this beautiful country. But this morning has been the icing on the cake and ingrained in me why I love to …

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Day 8 – Ultimo dia en Cuba


It’s the last full day in Cuba. It seems like its gone by way, way too fast. But I guess it’s almost time to get back to real life. We had to make our way by bus back to Havana …

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Day 7 – Trinidad – I see why you earned your reputation


Today was one of my favorite days! You know how when you feel better after having been so sick that you feel like you can do anything as long as you’re healthy? That was today for me. I finally – …

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Days 5 and 6 – I want my mom…


I can’t even write about the next 2 days because I was so sick that all I could focus on was that. I swore that would never happen to me but there you go. I wanted my Mommy. I know …

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